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Whether small or big business are now digitizing their processes, .....

they need to streamline their operations and give their employees ready access to information from a central source which enable smooth operations of an organization. This central source, the business server is part of a company's IT infrastructure.

Ever Higher believe that business server are the foundation of an organization. Stability and scalability is usually the key component of every server system. We at Ever Higher have specially designed small & big business server solutions that integrate emails, file/data sharing and security control. We offer you the most cost-effective server packages with a wide range of features.

While all businesses will need not the same service package. We specialize in Server Consolidation, Virtualization Solution, Server & Server Integration, Microsoft and Backup Solution and create a custom package for each business and help you from the first step of sever setup and configuration to testing and commissioning of the servers. Whether it is desktop and laptop configuration, or tablet and mobile set up, we will take up complete server installation till the last step.

Last but not least, we will also undertake setup of office network and internet access, create a backup plan, setup and configure other equipment such as printers and copiers etc.


Professional IT Advice

Every business will have different requirements for their IT infrastructure. Therefore, we are here to analyze your IT infrastructure systems and provide you with the most suitable solutions for your company to increase productively and straighten out the whole company system for future growth and expansion

Proper IT Documentation

Every company knows that a strong documentation is definitely important for the management of an IT infrastructure. It is like a fire extinguisher, which can be used when a fire is caught. However, it is a tedious process, which is often left out when no problem is faced. EverHigher is here to provide such detailed documentation so that it can be used to resolve any immediate problem at any point of time.

One-Stop Cost Effective Solutions

We study your business carefully and work out a suitable budget specially tailored to your needs. Then we will manage the whole process below for you so that you can spend more time in building up your business.

Strong After-Sales Support

As a service oriented company, Ever Higher will always be there for you even after completion of the setup of your IT infrastructure. We offer comprehensive IT support packages to meet any requirements that you may have or for your future expansion.


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