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Solid State Drive (SSD) Data Recovery Service

Solid-State Drive (SSD) is a media for storing the data which uses integrated circuits assemblies as memories for persistent data keeping. Two most important parts of SSD architecture are the controller and memory chips. Two common memory chips which been used for SSD with be NAND and DRAM and most of the SSD manufacturers use NAND flash memories. It was because of NAND flash memories of ability to retain data without power and lower price compare with DRAM. On the other hand, DRAM memories are faster but much expensive and DRAM will loose data in case of any power-loss.  Both of these memories using two data storing methods: MLC (multi-level cell) and SLC (single-level cell).

Unfortunately SSD it isn’t immune to failures although of all the benefits that SSD has. Data structure Of SSD these devices is usually much more complicated compare to most RAID systems.  SSD data recovery require special in-depth knowledge to avoid further data loss and damage. Do engage Ever Higher data recovery service to retrieve all your important data back.


Types of solid state drive failure:

Firmware / Logical Failure

There failure happen when a SSD cannot access due to non-hardware issues or data is accidentally overwritten or affected by virus, malware damage. We category as firmware level. It needs treatment from a professional data recovery company with a safe proven method to recover all the data, back such as documents, photo, videos or files. 

Some of the more common symptoms of this type of problem are below:

  • Damage caused by viruses
  • Damaged database
  • Deletion of data
  • Lost partition
  • Reinstallation of the operating system
  • Operating System Corruption
  • Data corruption after firmware updates
Hardware / Physical Failure

This type of failure mainly caused by SSD hardware failure such as controller cheap failure. Identifying a SSD fault is not normally a relatively simple task compare to normal Hard Disk Drive. Very much often the data can be permanently lost without experience data recovery engineer with support of advance data recovery tools. Under these circumstances, do immediate shut down the laptop/desktop and quickly get our professional data recovery assistance.

Some of the more common symptoms of this type of problem are below:

  • Electronic component failure
  • Controller chip failure
  • Flash cell degradation from natural use
  • Power surges or failures
  • Damage to printed circuit boards
  • Damage to connectors
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