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USB Thumb Drive / Flash Drive Data Recovery Service

Nowaday thumb drive / USB Flash drives serve an important role in our society. Thumb drive or USB flash drives provide users with an enormous level of satisfaction and accessibility due to their massive storage capacities, low cost, and small size. It have a precedence over other storages media as of data transportation. Where as computers used to have floppy disk drives as well as USB ports, the majority of modern computers now only have USB ports, eliminating the use of floppy disks entirely.

Due to their portable nature, thumb drives are often carried around in bags or pockets which can be often that turn your USB thumb  drive data inaccessible or damaged.This can be extremely disruptive if it contains important documents and files that are not backed up on your PC or laptop. When encountered one of such situations, do engaged Ever Higher data recovery service.

Data recovery for USB thumb drive is one of the biggest challenge in data recovery at the time. It was because of a large number of producers with non-defined standards and short exploitation periods of these devices are made in purpose of making small, stable, resistant and transferable devices for storing the data.


Types of USB thumb drive / flash drive failure:

Software / Logical Failure

There failure happen when a hard drive cannot access due to non-hardware issues or data is accidentally overwritten or affected by virus, malware damage. We category as software level as the thumb drive has failed logically as all the data still there in the hard drive. It needs treatment from a professional data recovery company with a safe proven data recovery method to recover all the data, back such as documents, photo, videos or files. 

Some of the more common symptoms of this type of problem are below:

  • Accidental Format
  • Accidental Delete
  • Virus Attack
  • Windows Prompt to Format Thumb Drive


Hardware / Mechanical or Physical Failure

This type of failure mainly caused by usb thumb drive hardware failure such as controller malfunction. Very much often the data can be permanently lost without experience data recovery engineer to recover the thumb drive. Under these circumstances, do immediate unplug thumb drive and quickly get our professional data recovery assistance.

Some of the more common symptoms of this type of problem are below:

  • Thumb Drive undetectable
  • Electric Shocks
  • Power Surge
  • Improper Removal of Thumb Drive
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