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Thumb Drive Monolithic Data Recovery

How to recover data from a monolithic thumb drive?

An electronic hardware system, such as a multi-core processor, is called "monolithic" if its components are integrated together in a single integrated circuit. Note that such a system may consist of architecturally separate components – in a multi-core system, each core forms a separate component – as long as they are realized on a single die.

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Based on this case, we had analysed and use monolithic recovery to recover all the data on this thumb drive. We had solder all the signal wire to the PC-3000 development board and ready for recovery process.

After connecting PC-3000 development board to our machine, the machine had successfully read the memory chip ID “45 DE 94 93” and dump memory. Below is the picture for reference:

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For “45 DE 94 93” memory chips, the brand of the thumb drive is SanDisk and the manufacturer might be from Toshiba. After memory dumping, the ECC scan read is quite perfect for this case. Below snapshot for reference:

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Finally! All the files and folder 99.9% are recovered!

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