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One of our customers call regard that her USB flash drive is not function after direct eject from her laptop. All her 1 year hard work for her final year projects have store in her thumb drive which make her super anxious to look a trustable and reliable data recovery center.

Test the USB port: You may not be able to use your USB drive because of some problems with the USB port, not with the USB drive. So, before performing any repair of the USB drive also make sure that the USB port is working fine.

Steps to test the USB port: Remove the USB drive, reboot your computer, and test the USB drive again. See if it works. It is possible that one port may not be working but all others are working fine. So try each port of your computer. If this doesn’t help, try the USB drive on some other computer.

Sometimes, the Installed copy of Windows OS may not be able to recognise your USB drive due to some USB version limitations.

A typical sign of the physical blunders is a few sorts of mistake messages or inconveniences that you in the wake of associating the USB. Basic mistake messages are "Please Insert Disk into Removable Disk" or "USB Device Not Recognised or Malfunctioned", "you need to format the disk before using it", RAW partition, dead or inert drives, and harmed controller chips as well as circuit sheets.

If the silver USB connector is broken or the circuit board is damaged it leads to power supply cut-off to the USB.  In such case, soldering and circuit repair are required. It’s not advised to do it yourself as if anything goes wrong, you may permanently lose access to your USB. It’ll reduce the chances of getting your data successfully recovered or sometimes impossible. To deal with above physical errors, specialized equipment and expertise are required. So better you hand over it to some professional and let him deal with the chaos.

After the thumb drive sent to our data recovery centre, we will continue the soldering and circuit repair. Below are the circuit photo :

After we detached the board, we will use a data recovery tools to read the ROM of the USB Flash Drive and repair it : -

After the several hour and repair, our data recovery specialists manage to recover all the files of the USB flash drive.

All the data in USB flash drive have successfully recover up to 99%.


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