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With the surging demand in video making nowadays, videos are required to be higher quality with better content. It requires a lot of efforts for video makers to achieve the best results and transfer effective messages through the videos. When losing such precious products, you may feel heartbroken. No worries, Ever Higher Data Recovery Centre has a great solution that can help you!

Video Data Recovery Software Made by data recovery experts, designed for you

With our years of data recovery experiences serving hundreds of valued customers, we understand customers’ concerns and requirements when finding solutions to get data back. We are proud to develop the world first dedicated data recovery software especially designed for various types of video format tools. The software is tested and proven as a powerful tool which helps end-users recover video footage data really fast and effectively.

Whether you lost your data while transferring files or having firmware corruption, our software will bring your data back at ease. The entire data recovery process works successfully for all various kinds of media storages such as memory cards (SD Card, Micro SD, or CF Cards), thumb drive, pen drives, hard disk drives, etc.

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Ever Higher is the #1 Singapore data recovery centre with a highly experienced and trained team of IT professions. With our advanced data recovery tools in house, we are able to recover all of your data either on damaged hard disk, external hard disk, servers, SSD, NAS, RAID or mobile phones. We are proud to be a data recovery company Singapore with the highest success recovery rate and one of the fastest data recovery services in Singapore.


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