Asustor NAS With Raid 5 Data Recovery Service

Recently, we received another case on Asustor NAS Raid 5, this time customer a bit anxious because the hard disk contains all their family memory and they don’t have the second back up NAS.  According to customer description that one of the hard disk drives stop working, so they send back to the factory to do the repair, in order to make it works, the customer had bought another hard disk but when they insert into the enclosure, the new hard disk rebuild failed, then they realise that it is not simple to just bought another hard disk can make the NAS work against. so, they decided to engage our data recovery service.

Asustor NAS Raid 5 Data Recovery Service

When our data recovery specialist first received this hard disk drive, He does an entire scan of all the drives, make sure there is damage on the drive. After checking, he found out that everything was fine. Next, we need to find out the order of these 5 disks. So, what is the RAID 5, NAS with RAID 5, data is striped for speed like a RAID 0, but a duplication or parity is built in to protect your data from a single drive failure. This results in fast performance comparable to a RAID 0, but with the added benefit of protection.

Asustor NAS Raid 5 Data Recovery Service

After knowing what is RAID 5, next step we need to find out what the order of the disk, our data recovery specialist use one of the data recovery tools to find out the order, this time we not know manually calculate the order, we can use the tool to find out the all the information we need, for example the order, parity delay, and start sector.

Asustor NAS Raid 5 Data Recovery Service

By knowing all the information, our data recovery specialist starts the recovery process, firstly, he connects the 2 old drives to the computer, and open the drive using one of our data recovery tools, next, he selects to create a virtual block and drag and drop the identified drives to the right-side box. And we know that initially there had 3 hard drive, so as what picture shows below, we need to add a missing disk. Lastly, key in all the information we had found previously, and then click on the apply button, wait for the process to complete.

Asustor NAS Raid 5 Data Recovery Service

Woo !!! from the picture below, you can see that all the data manage to retrieve, to confirm data is fully retrieved, we open a folder that contains pictures, surprising all the picture manage to see.

Asustor NAS Raid 5 Data Recovery Service

Asustor NAS Raid 5 Data Recovery Service

Asustor NAS Raid 5 Data Recovery Service

This time we had achieved another success case, and our customer was surprised by our fast and efficient speed and willing to write a review to recognize our effect.

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