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RAID Server Data Recovery Service

Servers play an important role in most businesses day-to-day activities and many company rely on servers because servers form the backbone of IT infrastructure of a business regardless of its size. Servers have build for most of company as accounting server, ERP server, email server, database server, virtual servers, files server or combination of few services. Your company needs regular access to digital storage media to stay productive.

Although RAID arrays are widely used by server and designed to protect your company data by providing redundancy. However each type of RAID setup is not infallible as it can offset by the failure of a single drive or more. As most of multiple failure drive failures frequently occur against RAID system been use and make the RAID system lane is defenseless.

So when it fails, your company suffers downtime – this is where Ever Higher server data recovery services come in. Whether your server has crashed or totally  lost access on it. Our server data recovery services are here to help.

Ever Higher data recovery specialist able to recover all type of lost data from all kinds of failed server hardware or be running any modern operating system or oldest operating system. We have our own facilities to undertake the cloning and subsequent retrieval of data from small single disk servers till the larger multiple drive server systems. Server Data recovery problems that we resolveddaily include:

  • RAID array hardware failure
  • Lost or deleted data
  • Database recovery services such as MSSQL
  • Server hard disk failure
  • Server Data corruption
  • Damage to the operating system
  • Exchange database corruption


Servers we supported successfully

We do data recovery for all type of servers RAIDs configurations and more:

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Why Choose Ever Higher Server Data Recovery?

Turnaround Times

Ever Higher server data recovery service minimise your server downtime as we understand server data loss can seriously endanger your business.

Recovery Team

Our data recovery engineer team have decades fo combined experiences with various high-capacity storage devices either on both virtual and physical servers.


We provide free assessments and provide you with fast and accurate turnaround estimate in order to let you have reliable information to make key server disaster recovery decisions

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Once you approve the fixed quote, we will be sent a data recovery contract to fill out and return. We will start recovery and update job's progress within 3 - 5
business day.


We will deliver the recovered data on an encrypted external hard drive. Simple instructions on how to access the recovered data will provided. Your data is back!

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