Damaged Seagate External Hard Drive Data Recovery

Damaged Seagate External Hard Drive Data Recovery

One of our customers bring his external hard drive which are not able access by all the computer devices and he have try all his method to get to retrieve back all his important hard works.

Our data recovery specialist use our data recovery to repair the locked Seagate hard drive with our data recovery tools and with face the error message when our first attempt.

Our data recovery specialist go to the window disk management and it will shows:

With the symptoms above, we have conclude the Seagate hard drive is locked and SA is unavailable. We have try to access the Seagate hard disk by access the hard drive ROM using the COM-port. 

Once our data recovery specialist and manage read the ROM:

We have proceed the next steps to enable Tech mode by unlocking Seagate hard disk data preparation position

After grant the access, our data recovery speacialist have note the report of the positive result and continue to Work with ROM tab:

After several hour data recovery process, our data recovery specialist manage to unlock the Seagate hard drive and our data recovery tool show the unlock process is successful.

Our data recovery have start to see the Seagate external hard disk pop up the usual terminal messages:

You have the  access to the Service area:

Hurray!!!  we manage recover all our customers important data. We have achieve 99% and the best part will be ease out our customer worry.

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