Harddisk Without Cover Data Recovery Service

Harddisk Without Cover Data Recovery Service

As our business getting big, we had to face some challenges given by outside competitor. Recently, there had one customer brought his Seagate hard disk which had went through a repair by one of the repair shops at the SXXXXXX City, the engineer from that repair shop had open the enclosure and try to perform data recovery surgery, but in the end, was failed. The customer had no choice but need to find another data recovery center.

Harddisk Without Sticker Data Recovery Service

Harddisk Without Sticker Data Recovery Service

When our data recovery specialist first receive this SD Card from the customer. He directly tells the customer that if the hard disk had not opened by another repair shop, the recovery rate will be much higher, as we do not the internal condition, whether got dust falls onto the platter, any powder or fingerprint on the disk. All these issues will cause the recovery procedure much difficulty.

Harddisk Without Sticker Data Recovery Service

After which, in order for our data recovery specialist to know the condition, he brings the hard disk to our clean room, which will prevent further damage of hard disk. During the surgery, our data recovery specialist found out that there was a scratch on the platter, he also found powder at the corner. As there are so many defects, there had least chance to recover the data unless the user really want to spend a lot of money and wait for a month or even longer time to recover the data


So. In the end, the only way we can do is to reject the case.

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