Kingston SD Card Data Recovery From Unread SD Card

Kingston SD Card Data Recovery From Unread SD Card

SD card storage media is one of the popular removable flash memory card for difference devices such as Digital camera, Mobile phones to store informations in nowadays.

We have receive a call from our customers to seek our SD card data recovery services regard his 8GB SD Card which cannot be detected or read by any computer (desktop or laptop). The unread SD card have been stored all his important photos of his recent family trips at overseas.

Our customer input his SD card in his computer and go into the Device Manager. He manage to see his SD Card in the disk drives but it not show under my computer level.

While, customer try to go for Computer Disk Storage > Disk Management and he have found not way to locate or detect his SD Card. He have decided to engage our SD card data recovery services.

Our data recovery specialists have seek our customers permission and open the SD Card enclosure.

Have you see the SD enclosure before?
Below the SD card look like:-

Our data recover specialist have solder the chip off and put the chip into flash dump with PC-3000FLASH

For this cases, we manage read the chips and we have use data recovery software to recover all of our customer important data.

After several hour scanning and repair, here the magic come!

YahOooo...all the pictures have been now recovered.


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