Not Accessiable Laptop Hard Disk Data Recovery Service

Problem Description:

Recently, we had received a Western Digital 2.5-inch Slim 1TB HDD from a customer, this hard disk was built in for the laptop.

WD Slim Laptop HDD Data Recovery Service_Ever Higher Service

According to customer description, when she tries to access the data inside the hard disk when she boosts up the laptop, she cannot see any data inside the hard disk.

This customer had approached a data recovery center to retrieve her data back but was failed, so her friends recommend her to approach the Ever Higher Data Recovery Center to recover her data back.

Action to be taken:

When Ever Higher data recovery specialist first receive this hard disk, he plugs in the hard disk to our data recovery tools, to analysis the issue, our data recovery specialist had found out the issue is due to the massive bad sector which causing the firmware slow down, does not able to access user data area. So, what our data recovery specialist do is to clean out the grown defect list (GDL) for the bad sector which had used up space, causing the firmware to slow down.

WD Slim Laptop HDD Data Recovery Service_Ever Higher Service

After cleaning out all GDL, our data recovery specialist connects the hard disk to our data recovery tools again, this time everything was smooth, the firmware had repair success, now we just clone the customer data to our back up disk, to prevent any further damage on the hard disk.

But after cloning, the hard disk data still not able to access, our data recovery specialist release that the hard disk was encrypted, so, we call our customer to provide the password, and now all the data was finally accessible.

WD Slim Laptop HDD Data Recovery Service_Ever Higher Service


We manage to recover all the data that previous data recovery center unable to recover, and the customer was happy for our service. We are glad and happy to help our customers to recover all her data back.

laptop data recovery service ever higher

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