Samsung 3.5" Harddisk Data Recovery

Recently we receive a Samsung 3.5" Harddisk from one of the anxious customer to seek our assistant to retrieve the important data which contain all the company document. He has sought from several hard disk data recovery service provider to get his hard disk repair but all of them were failing to get back his important data. So he approach to our hard disk data recovery service.

Samsung 3.5" Harddisk Data Recovery

Every time when perform hard disk data recovery service, our data recovery specialist always checks the hard disk conditions status. We are doing so by firstly plugs in the hard disk drive, and was found that the hard disk did not vibrate which is an indication that the motor is not moving or may be the read/write head is stuck at the position.

Samsung 3.5" Harddisk Data Recovery

As our data recovery specialist suspect there is physical damage within the hard disk itself, so he decided to open the hard disk drive for further inspection in order to perform this hard disk data recovery case.

When doing the surgery, our data recovery specialist went into the clean room to ensure no additional dust fall on the platter to prevent further damaging the hard drive during inspection.

Samsung 3.5" Harddisk Data Recovery

Upon opening the hard drive, he discovered the read/write head for the defect hard drive is stuck at axis and is hard to move using hand. To perform this case of hard disk data recovery, our data recovery specialist suggests that we should change the whole read/write head part with a new set.

Samsung 3.5" Harddisk Data Recovery

Samsung 3.5" Harddisk Data Recovery

After hard disk data recovery surgery, to ensure the hard disk data recovery service is success, our data recovery specialist need to connect the hard disk drive to our MRT Data Recovery Tool, and test whether it manage to reach to our hard disk data recovery tools. After the checking he found that every was fine, our data specialist then connects the hard disk drive to desktop, this time round, PC was able to detect the hard drive and all the data that customer wants are found. We are glad to help our customers to recover all his important data back, and it is another successful hard disk data recovery case that we had achieved.

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