Synology NAS Beeping

22 Sept 2022 – Synology NAS

Case description:

We receive a call from a customer, he hopes to recover data for his Synology DS216PLAY NAS. It is 2 Bay NAS, with 2 units of 3TB HGST hard disk in it.  In brief, this NAS stopped working 4 months ago, and the beeping sound encounter. Then, he checks on the DSM of Synology. Unfortunately, it is not accessible and undetectable.

Originally, he thought the second hard disk is faulty. So, he bought a new hard drive and replace it. Sadly, Synology's DSM cannot detect the new hard disk. Subsequently, he remove both hard disks and insert both into another NAS, but it remained the same. Furthermore, he reinserts the original 2nd hard disk into slot 2, does a soft and hard reset, and reinstalls the Synology DSM. However, it is still inaccessible.

Action (Solution):

The customer took the whole NAS to our recovery center for assessment. Firstly, our EHDR data recovery specialist takes out both hard disks for assessment. Second, both hard disks are connected to our recovery tools, it is detectable but inaccessible. According to the result, both disks are degraded. Luckily, it is not too serious. The motor of both disks still manages to spin up and the platter is still maintained in good condition.

In addition, our data recovery specialist check on the RAID setup for both drives, and it is confirmed that it is a RAID 1 structure. The data recovery process can focus on one of the disks since it is a mirror structure (As long as the owner knows which unit I used until the last moment). In this event, both disks are saving the same data, increasing the chances of recovery. As a matter of fact, if 1 of the hard disk's platters is damaged by the internal mechanical component, we can still recover the data from another hard disk.

The Outcome

Our recovery team managed to recover all the data from these hard disks. We assist to configure this Synology NAS for our customer. Then, our specialist transfers all data into the NAS with two new hard disks. Of course, we arrange a slot for our client to check through all data, he acknowledge the outcome of this recovery before we transfer and configure his NAS.


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