iPhone 11 Data Recovery

iPhone 11 Data Recovery

02 February 2023 – iPhone 11

Initial Cause of Data Loss

A customer contacted us to check for his iPhone 11. The iPhone 11 died suddenly, and unable to power on. He tried to charge the phone, and sometimes it still can be powered on, but only for a short time. It went dead again after some time plugged in. He kept the phone plugged in for around 1 hour, which was still the same. The phone is not generating any heat. There were no issues with the iPhone 11 before this, and it was never dropped or contacted with water. After a few days, he tried to connect the phone to the charger again, and the phone still managed to power on for a while, and the same thing happened again. He sent the phone to apple center for a check, and they told him it was the motherboard issue.

iPhones Data Recovery

During the assessment, our data recovery specialists dismantled the iPhone 11, no watermark was found, and all the hardware parts were intact. No short circuits were found on the motherboard, and the phone could not power on. Data recovery will be possible for his iPhone 11 if the crucial chips, like CPU, memory chip, etc., are not damaged. After the confirmation with our client, we proceed with the recovery.

Data Recovery Outcome

Data recovery was successful, and all the recovered data were saved to a new external hard disk. He checked the data and was happy that all the media files were recovered.


If you have a faulty iPhone, Android, or any other storage devices that require data recovery service, it is recommended to bring it to a recovery center to be checked. Try not to attempt a DIY repair as it might worsen the phone’s condition, and data recovery might not be possible anymore.

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