Western Digital My Passport Duo Raid Recovery

Western Digital My Passport Duo Raid Recovery

Recently we receive a WD my passport duo from one of our panicked customer to seek our assistant to retrieve the important data from this WD my passport duo. They had find serval Nas data recovery service but either one can success get data back. So this customer came to find our NAS data recovery service which was been known as our strength part.

raid server data recovery service

When we first receive this NAS, we double check if there had any damage to the NAS itself, whether on the ports or body. After which we try to plug in the NAS to see the condition of the NAS, but was fail as the disk management was unable to detect the NAS.


Our data recovery specialist suspect that there may be a hardware level failure which cause the data is not accessable. So he decided to open up the NAS fo further inspection

raid server data recovery service

When it comes to opening customer NAS, our engineer go into a clean room, because he want to takes extra caution to ensure no additional dust gets into the hard drive to prevent further damaging the hard drive during inspection.

raid server data recovery service

Upon open the NAS, he manage to take out the two hard drive, to determin which of drive had problem, he plug in the hard disk again to check is there had any potential  power failure issue.


After testing our specialist confirm that both of the hard drive were able to power up, but at same time he discover that one of hard drive had a unusual clicking sound can be heard which is an indication that the read/write head is not working properly.


So our specialist went to clean room again to open up the cover of the defect hard drive for further diagnosis.


Upon opening the hard drive, he discovered the read/write head for the spoiled hard drive is stuck in position and couldn’t align correctly. So he decided to change a new read/write head.


After that, our specialist try to test again the defect hard drive and the hard drive was now run smoothly, but when he try to put back the both hard drive back to enclosure and test again, the NAS was still not able to detect by the computer.


So our specialist suspect that there must be a problem with the enclosure itself. So he take out the two hard drive again and investigate the encloures

raid server data recovery service

Upon opening the NAS enclosures, our specialist found out the one of data cable near the fan there was spoiled, this probably due to the bad injoin work or long use of NAS causing the line aging.

So our specialist solve the problem by using the welding tool to join back the data cable to it’s original place. After that our specialist do a final test, this time the NAS was able to access by computer, and customer data was able to read and write. NAS data recovery was successful.

raid server data recovery service

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