XiaoMI Phone MiMix 2 Data Recovery

XiaoMI Phone MiMix 2 Data Recovery

Mimix 2 front
Mimix 2 rear

Case description:

A client reaches us and mentioned that the phone failed to boot up. It happened 2 months ago. Our client changed the battery and looked for repair shop, hoping that this phone will boot up again but failed. The client wants all the photos and videos. Let see how the specialist from Ever Higher Data Recovery Centre helps this client in retrieving her data. We prepare a case ID for this user and data recovery form is prepared for our client as well.


Action (Solution):

First, we provide an assessment service for this client. We used 1 business day for this assessment and confirmed that it is related to hardware component failure. After explaining the situation, client agreed to proceed with this recovery. It took us a few weeks to look through all components of the phone. According to our data recovery specialist, they work on those suspected faulty area and test every single component of the area. Then, our specialist tried to access into the data after the faulty areas and component identified. This recovery process took a lot of time and measurement to prevent the data from further damage.


 The Outcome

Ever Higher Data Recovery Specialist team had successfully recovered all available photos and video from this phone. All data saved in a temporary hard drive. We will arrange an appointment for this client to check this data out. Although it is very complicated, time consuming and even failed during the recovery process, our recovery specialist team never gives up the data and always try to figure our alternative method and option for this recovery.



For the current generation, phone is a must for our daily activities such as working, studying, entertainment and others. As a phone user who is unlucky, will face this kind of problem, dealing with data loss due to the phone faulty. Please, be calm when you face this situation and do not send your phone to repair shop or centre if your data is very precious. Because they will change the faulty part of your phone if necessary. If this is done, it may cause you data loss.

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