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erp and accounting system


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erp and accounting system


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erp and accounting system


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erp and accounting system


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In today's technology world and modern business, accounting software not longer able to full fill the need of businesses. ERP software is basically a business management system with various integrated comprehensive systems which consists core of accounting of the company that can be used to manage and integrate all business functions within the organisation.

On the other hand, standalone business applications such as accounting software refers to applications designed for specific customer needs but have limited functionality and are isolated from other applications.

There are more options than ever for businesses of all sizes when it comes to choosing a new ERP system. Thankfully, cloud-based deployment ERP models have made ERP software more accessible for small and medium size business.

But when come to select a new ERP software, one of the most critical factors in business decision will be whether choose cloud ERP vs on-premise ERP.

Here’s a breakdown of the advantages and disadvantages of cloud ERP vs on-premise ERP.

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Type Cloud ERP On-Premise ERP
Cost • Predictable costs over time • Upfront investment can be seen as riskier
• No additional hardware investments • Have to pay associated hardware and IT costs
• Cheaper upfront investment
Security • Data security is in the hands of the vendor • Data security is in the hands of the organization. *Some organization might not be as adept at practicing proper data security protocols.
Customization • Offer greater stability and continuous updates from vendor as a result of less customization • Customizations can delay implementation time
• Organizations can work with vendors to see what changes can be made • Customizations can result in headaches when vendor updates software
Mobility • Available on most devices anytime anywhere (with an internet connection) • depend setup and require heavy IT involvement
Implementation • Typically take less time to implement • Implementation process can take significantly longer
Grow & Expansion • Easy to scale as users are added/removed • More difficult to scale if significant number of users are added

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