2TB Toshiba 2.5” MQ04UBD200

Toshiba HDD Recovery

Case description:

A customer contacted us to diagnose his 2TB Toshiba 2.5” external hard drive. He bought the hard drive around 2 years ago, it has stopped working on Thursday when he trying to transfer the video files for editing. When he connects the drive to his PC, computer can detect the hard drive and access the files, but when he transfers the video files, it automatically disconnected after a while. He tried for several times, but it is still the same. He thought it could be loose cable and tried to change the cable but it still the same. The video files were his client’s wedding video, and the deadline is on Monday.

Action (Solution):

EHDR’s data recovery specialist checked through the hard drive, it spins up successfully and no clicking or beeping noise. The drive is still detectable by recovery machine, the health condition of the drive deteriorated. The read/write heads are degraded and faulty, that’s why it stopped when he transfers the video files. Based on the condition of the drive, data recovery is still possible since the platter of the drive is in good condition. After the confirmation with our client, we proceed with the recovery for the hard drive with expedite service.

The Outcome

Our data recovery specialist manages to recover the data from this hard drive and transferred the recovered data to a new external hard drive on Saturday for our client. He checked through all the data and happy with the result of the recovery, all the video files and sounds are playable.


If you have a faulty hard drive and you need the data, it is best to contact a data recovery centre for a diagnosis and run through the appropriate data recovery process to avoid further damages to the drive. Please feel free to contact us if you require any data recovery services or backup solution. 

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