Asustor AS7004T Failed to Boot Up

NAS Replaced and Inaccessible After A Month


Case description:

We received a call from an Asustor AS7004T user. Originally, his NAS failed to boot up. He took the NAS to the service center and was suggested to change to a new Asustor NAS. The NAS works perfectly for the first day and the storage application shows that the second HDD is unhealthy. So, he replaced drive 2 with a new HDD. Technically, NAS will synchronize with the new drive, but it does not sync at all. He left the NAS without bordering on this situation because data is still accessible. Sadly, the NAS became inaccessible after a month which was caused by drive 4’s error. RAID 5 configured in this NAS, failed to work due to more than 1 HDD failure. The NAS was sent down to our recovery center for assessment.

Action (Solution):

EHDR data recovery specialist checked through the NAS. While we tried to boot up the NAS, the kept loading but cannot access to log-in page. We stop the booting up action as it might reinitialize all the data. All HDDs are taken out for further assessment. The new drive 2 does not hold any information. Drive 4 read/write head degraded. Recovery is possible if the data can be recovered from drive 4.

The Outcome

Our data recovery specialist managed to identify the RAID layout and data was recovered successfully. Contacted him to check through the data and confirmed that important data is available.


If you have a NAS that failed to access. Do not put it aside and wait for it to load, it is bad if the system reinitializes, and all data is gone. Do monitor your NAS and contact the official service center before any action, you could save your data by preventing mishandling. Should you need any advice, feel free to contact our team. 

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