Laptop Internal Hard Disk Drive 2.5″ Recovery

Western Digital 2.5" Internal HDD

Case description:

A customer contacted us to check a Western Digital 2.5” hard drive – WD Blue. It’s an internal hard drive for laptop. While customer booting up the laptop, it will hang and unable to boot up normally. Then, forces shutdown was done and power on again. The situation remained the same. Subsequently, customer access the UEFI to check the internal drive, it shows that no drive detected. The internal drive was taken out and try to connect it on another laptop with hard disk enclosure, but still unable to detect the drives. When the hard disk was connected to the computer, there is a slight clicking sound encountered. There are many photos, videos, and documents files needed from this internal drive.

Action (Solution):

As usual, customer will send their device to our Singapore Data Recovery Centre for assessment. EHDR’s data recovery specialist diagnoses the hard drive before recovery. It was undetectable and it hangs when recovery tools try to access sectors. Clicking sound encountered. It is caused by the read/write head knock on the drive’s platter. Data recovery is still possible. However, it will depend on the condition of the platter. After we received service acknowledgement from customers, recovery started.

The Outcome

The recovery result is positive. The owner of this drive came to our recovery centre and checked through the data and all the wanted photos and document files were successfully recovered and readable. The data from the hard drive were recovered with original name and file structure.


If you encounter such problems, especially when there’s a clicking sound, it is a sign of hardware failure, do not read forcefully, disconnect and unplug the drive as soon as possible to avoid further damage done on the platter which may lead to data loss.

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