MacBook Air A1466- Unbootable

MacBook Air A1466 Data Recovery

Case description:

A customer contacted us to diagnose a MacBook Air A1466, she stopped using this MacBook since years ago. Recently, she found out that it is not working when she tried to boot it up. The MacBook shows the sign of powering up, but it stuck at the Apple loading page. Initially, she leaves this MacBook aside and waited for about 30 minutes. But even so, the MacBook is still staying on the loading screen. Subsequently, she restarts the MacBook for several times, connect and disconnect from the charger, but it remained the same. She went to Apple and others service center and got different diagnosis result. She is hoping to get her data back.

Action (Solution):

Our Singapore Data Recovery Specialist data recovery specialist took 1 business day to assess this MacBook. Upon removing the base enclosure, we found a SSD in installed on the motherboard. It is removable and not soldered on the motherboard. SSD is taken out for assessment.  While assessing the SSD, the NAND Flash Chip is degraded. Fortunately, recovery tools are still able to access user sectors and no encryption found. Recovery is still possible. Assessment result is provided for user reference and recovery started as confirmed by our client. We manage to salvage most of her data without going through chip off recovery. The whole recovery process took about 3-5 business days.  

The Outcome

Upon doing extraction, data were saved into a new external hard drive for our client. Thereafter, we arrange with our client so that she could check through the recovered data. Thankfully, the outcome is positive and she is satisfied with the recovery outcome.


If you need your data from an old device which unbootable or cannot be fixed. Do not give up, feel free to reach us and we will assist to diagnose your drive for you to identify the possibility of recovery.

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