Samsung 2TB External Hard Disk Disk Platter Scratches Data Recovery Service

We receive a 2TB Samsung External Hard Disk from our customer that claim to be failed to recovered by another data recovery services company. Our customer mention important of his data in the external hard disk and have try to approach several data recovery company and been rejected to assist him after claiming his hard disk platter scratch.
Lucky, he manage to find Ever Higher Data Recovery Centre and bring his hard disk for us for a last try before to give up all his data from his spoiled external hard disk.

Samsung 2.TB external hard disk data recovery service in Singapore

After receive this cases, Our engineer performs detail assessment and spotted disk platter scratch on Disk Platter 0 only. Apart from spotted the continuous loud clicking sound on the hard disk.

We had informed customer that recovery rate will be lower for his cases and we willing to assist to perform the data recovery upon his agreement.  Customer agrees to proceed with the data recovery services. 

Below the picture we found scratches on the customer disk platter 0. Our data recovery specialists have manage to read the firmware from disk platter 1 and perform a clone on remain disk platter data. 

Samsung 2.TB external hard disk data recovery service in Singapore

Inform customer on the good news, he came down to verify the data and accept the data retrieved. He was delighted and extremely amazed that we could retrieve 75% of his important data.

external hard disk repair and recovery

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