Samsung Evo SD Card Data Recovery

Samsung Evo SD Card Data Recovery

SD Card Data Recovery

Initial Cause of Data Loss

Recently, we encountered a challenging case involving a Samsung Evo 32GB SD card. The client, a victim of an online scam, reported that she had clicked on a link received via SMS. Soon after, she noticed her money was missing from her bank account and realized that her SD card, which she had been using on her phone, was no longer detectable by the device.

The client was highly concerned about the potential loss of critical personal data and sought professional help immediately.

Samsung Evo 32GB SD Assessment

Initial diagnostics revealed that the card was experiencing hardware failure, precisely due to the deterioration of the flash memory. Over time, flash memory can wear out, leading to numerous bad blocks that render the storage device unusable. This type of degradation happens due to extensive usage, improper handling, or exposure to extreme conditions, and it is not due to malicious link attacks.


Data recovery from a device with such severe hardware issues is complex. It requires specialized tools and techniques to access the data stored in the functional sectors of the memory.

Data Recovery Outcome

Our recovery engineer salvaged a significant portion of the data from the faulty SD card.

To ensure the integrity and accuracy of the recovered data, we conducted an online data verification session with the client. During this session, the client reviewed the recovered files and confirmed their completeness.

We transferred the recovered data to a new hard drive purchased from our facility after the successful recovery.


By following best practices for handling and backing up digital storage devices, you can minimize the risk of data loss and ensure the safety of your important information.

Our expert team is ready to assist you if you require data recovery services. Contact us for reliable, professional support in recovering your valuable data.

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