Thumb Drive Data Recovery

Thumb Drive Data Recovery

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Case description:

A customer accidentally dropped the laptop. She found out that the thumb drive is connected to the laptop. This drive became undetectable even after reconnection. All data are saved on this thumb drive and it is important for her work. Subsequently, varies attempt was done based on the solution that provided online, but all attempts were failed. Finally, she came to us, EHDR, by dropping us an email. By understanding her situation, an appointment was set with us and our recovery specialist help to assess her thumb drive condition.



The thumb drive connected to our recovery machine and we are unable to detect the NAND Flash Chips. Then, Our recovery specialist dissemble the chips for further assessment.
Firstly, we check through the component of the thumb drive and some of the components were loose and could be damaged because of the drop. Fortunately, the flash memory of the thumb drive were not damaged, recovery is possible.


The Outcome
Finally, we managed to recover all the data from the NAND flash chip successfully.  The customer sets an appointment with us for data checking and she was satisfied with all the recovered data.



There are many users who use the files in thumb drive and edit directly due to convenience. But, thumb drive often failed without any pre-symptoms. EHDR suggest to copy the require files into user PC, and edit from the desktop instead of editing from the thumb drive directly. This could help in preventing data lost if any incident happened. If you encountered above issue, feel free to to reach us here and seek for advice from our team.

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