Toshiba MSATA SSD Drive RAID 0 Data Recovery Service

Toshiba MSATA SSD Drive Data Recovery Service

Recently one of the customer brought his laptop to our data recovery centre seeking our help to retrieve his data back, according to what he says, the Kingwin Duo MSATA SSD Drive he brought was to increase the read and write speed, but after a year, the SSD Drive suddenly was unable to detect by the laptop.Kingwin Duo MSATA SSD Drive With RAID 0 Data Recovery Service

When our data recovery specialist received this SSD Drive, He do a entire scan of the drive, check whether there is a water leak into the drive or any burn mark on the surface of the drive. After a check, he found that every was fine.  Next our data recovery specialist going to open the enclosure for further diagnosis.

Upon the open the SSD Drive, the problem our recovery specialist faced is to determine which SSD drive had cause failure, how he going to clone out data from clash data address? As he cannot just using one SSD drive to get back all the data, because the Kingwin Duo MSATA SSD Drive is a RAID 0 which means can store one piece of information in two disk so that the read and write speed would be much faster. after a discussion with other data recovery engineer, he try to approach the following step.Kingwin Duo MSATA SSD Drive With RAID 0 Data Recovery Service

Firstly, our data recovery specialist plugs in both SSD drive to computer and open the data recovery tool to find out the begin sector, block size and disk order.Kingwin Duo MSATA SSD Drive With RAID 0 Data Recovery Service

He manages to find out that disk 2 partition style using GUID Partition Table (GPT), the disk order can be from drive 1 to 2 or drive 2 to 1, the begin sector for disk 1 start at sector 419980, and the binary number is 0001 0000 0000 which can in hexadecimal format is 100. So next step, we use the programmer calculation and manage to figure out the hexadecimal of sector size is 80.Kingwin Duo MSATA SSD Drive With RAID 0 Data Recovery ServiceKingwin Duo MSATA SSD Drive With RAID 0

Now our data recovery specialist manages to find out the information he need, so he opens another data recovery tools, this time our data recovery specialist try to run a virtual block Raid simulate, key in the information he had found in the early stage, the purpose is to check whether the data is really store at that address.Lacie External Hard Disk With Raid 0 Data Recovery service

Woo!!! we can see that all data in that location.Kingwin Duo MSATA SSD Drive With RAID 0 Data Recovery Service

After that our recovery specialist clone out the data and transfer them to a new hard disk drive. FYI we manage to retrieve back customer data. He was satisfied about our data recovery service.

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