1TB Seagate 3.5” Hard Disk Drive

1TB Seagate 3.5” Hard Disk Drive

Case description:

A customer came to our recovery center to diagnose for his 1TB Seagate 3.5” hard drive. The hard drive was use for their PC as a secondary drive for data storage. The hard drive was working fine. But out of sudden, become undetectable. He checked under device manager, but the hard drive is not showing up. He opens the casing of the CPU and double check whether  the cable were properly connected or not. It connected and he able to feel the Seagate hard disk is spinning. He tried to switch off the PC and remove the cable and reconnect the connector and try booting up the computer again, but it is still the same. He even removed the hard drive and tried on another PC. Unfortunately,  it is still the same as well. The Seagate hard drive was used to store his design files and it contains a lot of his working files.

Action (Solution):

After the registration, we proceed with the diagnosis. Our recovery specialist checked through the hard drive and found that the health condition of the drive deteriorated, but there were no clicking or beeping sound encounter from this hard drive. The Seagate hard drive manages to power up and platter successfully spin up. The root cause of the drive to fail is because the read/write heads of the drive were faulty and causing it unable to access the user data area. After the confirmation with our client, we proceed with the recovery by replacing the faulty read/write heads in the Cleanroom and extract the data.


The Outcome

The data recovery was successful, and we manage to recover the data from the faulty Seagate hard drive. We transferred the recovered data to a new Seagate Baracuda hard drive. He checked the data and happy with the result of the recovery.



If you have a faulty hard drive and you require the data from the hard drive, it is best to approach a proper data recovery centre for a diagnosis and data recovery to avoid data loss. Please feel free to us if you require any data recovery services or backup solution.  

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