Samsung SSD Recovery

Samsung T7 500GB Solid-State Drive


Case description:

A customer engaged us to diagnose a Samsung T7 500GB Solid-State Drive (SSD). It is a portable SSD used for data storage. A few days ago, when she connected the SSD to her MacBook, the MacBook failed to detect the SSD. She thought it was the cable issue. Then, she tried another cable, but it still the same, different port and computer tested as well, but it’s all the same. She did not try any online software recovery as she afraid it might tamper the data on the SSD. There is one important folder in this faulty drive which she needs it urgently.

Action (Solution):

EHDR’s data recovery specialist checked the SSD and found that it is detectable by recovery machine for a few second, but it became undetectable after a while, and unable to access the data sectors. The NAND flash chip is degraded and not stable, no short circuit encountered and there are chances to get her data back. After communicating with her, she decided to recover, and we proceed with the recovery. The whole data recovery process took up to 3 to 4 weeks due to the degraded NAND flash chip.

The Outcome

As some of the data is urgently needed, the recovery process stopped half way for her to look through. She checked the data and mentioned that all folders are complete, and the most important’s files are available. She collected the important data at the first stage of recovery before recovery specialist continue with the second phrase. We managed to recover the data that she needs from the degraded SSD and the data are all in extracted in the original structure.


If you have a faulty SSD, it is advisable to power off the storage device and seek for advice from a Singapore professional data recovery specialist to avoid data loss.

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