Synology DS216PLAY NAS Beeping

Synology DS216PLAY NAS Beeping

18 August 2022 – buffalo NAS

Case description:

A customer contacted us to recover data for his Synology DS216PLAY NAS – 2 Bay, 2x 3TB HGST hard drive. It stopped working 4 months ago, the NAS started to beep. He went and checked on the DSM of Synology, but it is not accessible and not detectable. He thought the second hard drive should be faulty and bought a new hard drive for replacement, but after replacing the second hard drive, Synology DSM failed to detect the new hard drive. He tried to remove the hard drive and access it on another NAS, but still inaccessible, he put the hard drive back into slot 2, but it is also the same. He also tried to the soft and hard reset and reinstall the Synology DSM, but still inaccessible.

Action (Solution):

EHDR data recovery specialist checked through both hard drives and the NAS. Both hard drives are detectable but inaccessible. Both drives are degraded but physical it is still working, it is not completely dead yet, and the motor of the drive still spins up successfully. Our data recovery specialist checked the RAID system from both drives, and it is confirmed that it is a RAID 1 setup. Data can be recovered from one of the drives since it is a RAID 1 – mirror setup.  Both drives are mirroring images of each other, if one drive fails, the other one can take over and provide access to the data that’s stored on that drive. RAID 1 is known for fast-read operations, but it's slower when writing to the drives since the data needs to be written to two locations.

The Outcome

Our recovery team managed to recover all the data from the patient drives, Synology was set up again and all the data was transferred into the NAS with two new replacement hard drives. Recovered data is accepted by the client before transferring it into his NAS.


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