Western Digital 2.5 Inch Portable Hard Disk Data Recovery Service

Problem Description:

Recently, we had received a Western Digital 2.5-inch 2TB Portable Hard Disk from a customer.

WD 2.5 Inch Portable Hard Disk Data Recovery Service In Singapore

This is a new type of portable hard disk with a USB port attached to it, according to customer description, she had dropped this hard disk when using it, and after which the hard disk was not detectable from the computer anymore. She had gone to Western Digital service center, ask for their help to recover data, but they only provide one for one exchange, not providing data recovery service, so the customer search google and found us.

WD 2.5 Inch Portable Hard Disk Data Recovery Service In Singapore

Action to be taken:

When Ever Higher Data Recovery sales team hand over the hard disk to Specialist, he looks on the hard disk and told to the customer that this type of new hard disk usually is encrypted by the latest firmware lock, and there still no one can unlock it unless the manufacturer releases the firmware details.

However, our specialist still not giving out, try to recover the data by soldering a SATA port on it, to check whether our recovery tool can clone the data out directly.


The result was unsuccess, without unlocking the firmware, all the user data was not allowed to access. We all sorry but to inform customer this case was failed.

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