Western Digital Mybook 1TB

Western Digital Mybook 1TB

Case description:

A customer came to EHDR with a Western Digital 1-bay MyBook storage device. It consists of a 1TB Western Digital 3.5” hard disk drive. He had been using the Western Digital MyBook for more than 5 years, but since last week when he tried to access the Western Digital Mybook, an error message prompted and ask to reformat the Western Digital Mybook, but our client did not reformat it as he knows it will wipe off the data. After the cancel button clicked, it prompted an error message that the file system cannot be found. The Western Digital MyBook contains a lot of important data and his precious moment such as his wedding photo.

Action (Solution):

After the registration, we proceed with the diagnosis. Our recovery specialist checked through the hard disk drive and found that the health condition of the drive deteriorated, and the hardware component were degraded and causes a lot of errors. The read/write heads of the hard disk drive was degraded but not completely dead. Overall, the data recovery is possible without replacing the faulty component. We reach him out and explain the whole situation of his Western Digital Mybook, he agreed to proceed with the recovery.

The Outcome

The data recovery was successful, and we manage to recover the data from this Western Digital Mybook. We transferred the recovered data to a new hard disk drive for our client. He checked the data and satisfied with the outcome. All his precious moments were recovered.


So, if there are any faulty storage device, try not to do anything except you know it very well. Consult a data recovery specialist and perform proper diagnosis and data recovery to get your data back. Feel free to contact us if you have require any enquiry of your faulty storage devices.

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